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Since the inception of online casinos, most of the land-based casino games have also been designed for the online version. There are many online casino games to choose from at Phone Vegas Casino. We have the best of table games, slots, arcade games and more to indulge in. Hence, at our casino, we have a wide range of online casino games to play in. Register yourself with a unique username and password and start the fun-filled journey with the different games at our casino.

The Different Classic Casino Games Featured in Phone Vegas Casino Are:

  • Table games: These are the games which are played with the help of a table and a dealer. There are different games which fall into this category which include Blackjack- a card game played against the dealer; Roulette: A table game played with a wheel and a little ball that determines your win; Baccarat: A card game played against the banker; Craps: This one is played by betting on the outcome of the dice rolled. There are more variants of each of these games and at our casino, we have the different variants. Try your luck with each of them and see what it has for you.
  • Slot games: This is the most popular casino game played across the world. Usually based on a certain theme, slots are one of the fun games to indulge in. Besides a fun theme, they also have rewarding features that will reward the most to its players. It also has simple gameplay which is one of the first attractions for its players.
  • Scratchcards: In this, the gameplay is simple and it usually involves scratching the cards to reveal the hidden symbol. You need to reveal matching symbols to win in this casino game. The cards are usually designed with fun-filled characters to keep the players engaged.
  • Arcade games: In an online casino, you will also come across the section of arcade games; these are a collection of different games that have a distinctive character. They don’t have uniformity; they are just games that can yield you high wins if played well.

Phone Vegas and Bonus

Our casino features the best online casino games and along with that, it also offers bonus features with every game which will definitely heftier the size of your pockets. Be its table games, slots or arcade give it a try and see what it has for you. We also have the free play version of almost all the games at our casino, go ahead and play them before you play for real money. What more? All happiness is available in one casino, so gear up and register to play the online casino games.