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Nowadays when someone starts talking about either an online, mobile, or live casino it doesn’t usually take long for the conversation to turn to bonuses. Afterall, nowadays there does seem to be a lot of money thrown at players simply for choosing a particular site to play on and when a lot of places offer the same games and a similar level of quality the extra money you get does start to become a major factor.

About Live Casino Bonuses

It’s hard to say which bonus out there is the best as every player has different needs. This is probably why there’s so many different bonuses out there – so that every player under the sun finds a reason to go to a site. While the live casino industry is only getting more and more competitive nowadays we’ll happily keep lapping up all the bonuses they put on offer for us and we hope you do to. Telling you about every bonus live casinos offer is a bit unrealistic just down to the sheer number of them but what we will do today is tell you about the best and most popular ones around so you have a better idea on what to expect.

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Before you take any site up on a proper bonus we’d highly recommend you start with a site offering a no deposit bonus first. These bonuses normally give you around £10 to play with and if you end up a winner you can most certainly make a withdrawal too. The free money isn’t the only thing we like about a live casino no deposit bonus it’s also the fact it gives you the perfect opportunity to try out some of your favourite game’s live action form so you can get a bit more of an understanding of how to play before you pay.

The no deposit bonuses are typically quite small which is understandable however the new player deposit bonuses are anything but that sometimes being worth as much as £1,500 right away! You’ll have no shortage of site’s lining up to offer you these bonuses and matching deposit bonuses are the most common type of bonus you’ll find too. If you fancy yourself a high roller then there are high roller bonuses like this kicking around where a deposit of £1-2k will see it being immediately matched by a live casino. If that sounds good but you don’t quite have capital like that then there are plenty of sites that will offer you this on a smaller scale (say matching £300) on your first handful of deposits instead.

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If this is all crazy money we’re talking to you here and all you want is nothing more than a few added bucks thrown in when you play your games then you’ll be happy to hear there’s plenty of deals that will see you with £50-£60 to play with off no more than a £20 deposit. What’s so great about these bonuses is they come in many shapes and sizes and cater to all kinds of players needs.

Matching deposit bonuses do come with some playing requirements in order to stop you making a high roller deposit and then instantly running off with the extra cash you’ve just been given. This only makes sense but it can make some people a little less keen on these types of bonuses. Fortunately though there’s a type of bonus that skips all this nonsense and they’re called cash back bonuses.

How a cashback bonus works is like this. When you make a deposit at a live casino offering a cashback deal and you then go on to lose that money – you will immediately be refunded around 15% of your original deposit to do with as you will. That money could be spent playing more games or it could just be used to make a withdrawal either way it’s some no strings attached extra cash you get simply for playing.

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These are the three main bonuses you’ll run into when you start up at a new live casino. Regardless of what it is you’re looking for in a live casino we’d always recommend you look for a place with a no deposit bonus first as it’s just a chance at free cash and an opportunity to learn the games better. Then whatever new player bonus you take is up to you as they’re all pretty good and they’ll line your pockets with something extra to get you started. And this is just the start of the bonuses too as when you finally get yourself on a site you’ll find they offer a never ending stream of bonuses each week, month, and year to keep you happy and interested in the games whenever you decide to play!

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