About Live Casino Sites

If you ever had the chance to tell your best friend about a brand new toy you got as a kid and you remember what that excitement felt like then you may be a little jealous to hear that’s what we feel like every time we get to tell someone new about live casinos. We really do love live casinos and we don’t just preach about the games to others we actually jump in the games and play them all the time ourselves. If you’re just getting started on your adventure into the wonderful world of live casinos you’ve definitely stumbled into the right place as we’d love to give you a full rundown about what makes them so great!

About live online casino sites

The first point about live casinos we really want to stress is they look and feel very similar to what an actual casino does. We’re sure you’ve been to the movies before and you’ve seen the quality of the graphics and sounds and really felt like you were experiencing that movie to its fullest….well that’s just what a live casino feels like to the average player. The quality of the livestreams nowadays are second to none and with such high end graphics and incredibly sensitive sound systems you really do start to feel like you’re actually in the casino itself sat at a table and playing the games.

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This idea is only cemented further as you can go one step further than in the movies and actually talk to the people on the screen. Every game you play at a live casino comes with a dealer you’re able to chat with who can make your experience at that table all the more personal. This doesn’t even begin to touch on the advantages you get from being able to play in your own home, or even while at work, in the doctor’s waiting room, waiting for the kids to get out of school…..and so on! In a bid to stop this article simply being a giant list of why you should play at a live casino we’ll simply say we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface on what makes a live casino so good to play at.

Since we’ve wrapped that up nicely we can now go on to tell you exactly how you go about playing at a live casino as we suspect this may be where many of you start to turn your heads. Truth be told playing at a live casino is one of the easiest things you’ll do all day as not only has the software been made incredibly intuitive to use, but there’s only one or two steps in between you stepping foot in a live casino and you actually having your bet placed and watching the game being played out!

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To start things off you need to register with a site(any will do but we’d recommend starting off with a site that offers a no deposit bonus). Once you’ve done that you’ll want to click on the “live casino” tab which can be found on the site’s homepage. From here you’ll then be displayed a list of all the live games that site offers and there will also be a search feature here to help you break down the games.

No longer is it a case of Blackjack, Roulette, Poker – pick your poison. Now each of these games have some pretty cool variations, there’s games like Baccarat and Craps to choose from, and each game will have multiple dealers to give you some extra choice there as well. Once you’ve found your game and the dealer just click on the table and the livestream of that game will begin.

No matter the game you’ve selected you’ll notice there’s a stack of virtual chips along with your account balance on the screen next to the betting table and these are the chips you’ll use to bet with. Click once on the chip you wish to bet with and click once again where on the table you’d like to place that chip to make a bet. You can keep clicking if you wish and more chips will be placed down wherever you clicked. If you clicked by mistake the game also has a remove bet button so you don’t need to stress out about that!

When a game’s actually being played out if there’s ever a decision you need to make like in Blackjack your options will pop up on the screen and whichever one you choose is what will happen. When the hand is done if you came up a winner your account balance will immediately be topped up and ready for a new round.

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These are all the essential tidbits you’ll need to know if you want to get started in the world of live casinos. There’s a huge amount of advantages that come from playing at a live casino with very few drawbacks and if you don’t believe us try a site with a no deposit bonus first and see for yourself!