Awesome Variants of Real Money Blackjack Like Live Blackjack 2 To Play

Blackjack is one of the most played table games in land-based as well as online casinos. Live Blackjack 2 is one of the variants of real money Blackjack live that has been the favourite of punters ever since its launch. This version of live Blackjack 2 is one of the many live games from the house of NetEnt.

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They are famous for developing some of the most amazing casino games. This real money Blackjack live is just another one to their collection. The quality and streaming of the video are lightning fast. It can be accessed on almost all the gaming platforms. The best thing is that a player gets to play with a live dealer and some other live participants. So let the fun galore and keep playing.  

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The graphics of this real money Blackjack live game are stunning and clear. You will have to look no further than your screen to find everything you need to play. The different chips are given at the bottom of the game, which is used to place the bets.

The dealer with a Blackjack table in front of him is visible on the top of the game page and below are the various options including the hit, re-bet and much more for the ease of the players. The players can chat actively with other players as well as the dealer. The player is supposed to make a bet that is more than or equal to the minimum betting amount.

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The rules to this real money Blackjack live game are similar to many other Blackjack games. The dealer deals the player with two faces up cards and himself with one face up and the other face down card. The basic game strategy is to get a total of 21 from the combination of all your cards. If you or the dealer's total is above 21, it will be bust and if the dealer’s total is more than you, you will lose.

You can hold or hit your bets. The payment is done according to the paytable that is mentioned in the info section of the game. You can also see your bet history on the sides to estimate your winnings.

Final Word

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This real money Blackjack live game is one of the best live games in today's time. The graphics and high-quality video streaming make it very enjoyable. This game from the NetEnt should be definitely tried out at least once.

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