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Among the many phone betting slots casino sites that exist all around the world catering to the gambling needs of individuals, there are two types of online casino sites. There are sites that offer a variety of online casino games while there are specialized casino sites like Phone Vegas that offer only different varieties of one type of online casino game.

Slot machine games have always been a favourite among individuals playing in casinos and outside of it. On an online basis, it is softwares like Netent that bring up concepts of altering the slot machine game in order to make it more interesting for the players and helping them in investing more in the game. One such game released by Netent is Hook’s Heroes.

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  Hook's Heroes™  

In the world of phone betting slots casino, there are a few games that stand out because of their incredible theme and concept. One such game is Hook’s heroes. Hook’s Heroes is a game that has been inspired by the fairytale of Peter Pan and Captain Hook. This game, along with many others can be found on Phone Vegas. You can log in anytime, anywhere and have an enjoyable experience.

All the symbols and music of the game are based on the fairytale it is themed upon. However, before a player can proceed any further with the playing of the game, they need to place their bets. The betting range varies from 0.01 coins to 1 coin. Players have the power to choose the number of lines that they want to bet on. Once the betting is done, the “spin” option is pressed by the player and they get to see the results of their game.


Symbols And Other Special Features

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The reason why phone betting slot casino sites are so popular among members I because of the special features that are weaved in together with the slot machine game itself. These special features and symbols on the game are what decide the fate of a player and they usually give players very high rewards. Win, Win, and Win some more.

The wild symbol for Hook’s Heroes game is Captain Hook himself. This wild symbol can act as a substitute for all other symbols that are on the reels of the game in order to form a winning combination. The other symbol is the scatter symbol that is represented by a boy in a crocodile costume. If a player gets two or more of the scatter symbols on the reels of the game, then they trigger the free spins bonus feature of the game. The player gets a total chance of three spins.


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  Hook's Heroes™ Phone Vegas  

Through the survey, it is found that most individuals who play online phone betting slot casino games prefer to play slot machine games over other games. There are a number of reasons that can be given for the justification of this statement. Such online phone betting casino games can be easily found on sites like Phone Vegas. A couple of reasons why this is the case is –

  • Online phone betting slot casino games do not have any rules that need to be followed by the player when they are immersed in playing the game. The job of the players themselves is limited because they sit while the reels of the slot machine game and settle on a symbol one by one.
  • The online phone betting slot casino games are also incredibly popular because of the great number of special bonuses and other special rounds that the game has to offer its players.

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